25th July 2023

The 4 P’s of Eye Care

Eye care is an essential part of maintaining good health, and the advances in healthcare are making it easier than ever for eye care providers to provide their patients with quality services. The four P’s of healthcare- predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory – are revolutionizing the way we approach eye care and providing doctors with […] Read more

31st May 2023

Are we there yet? Eyeing current remote vision tests

Eye care providers are starting to think about new ways to serve and engage with their patients. The use of video visits, text communications, and remote monitoring apps point to an evolution of how care is delivered. Remote vision tests offer another tool to meet patients where they are, and they have gained popularity over […] Read more

7th December 2022

Advanced Ophthalmic Systems (AOS) Software in Clinical Trials

Advanced Ophthalmic Systems (AOS) software has the potential to play a vital role in future clinical research trial integration for clinical investigators. AOS operates on an intelligent interface that connects to a slit lamp to objectively grade and measure many of the primary and secondary endpoints needed for a successful trial. For example, the objective […] Read more

20th September 2022

How can I stop Myopia from progressing?

Authored by TK&S Optometrists Latest figures have revealed that a million teenagers in the UK are short-sighted – with the threat of a national ‘eye health epidemic’ looming large. Nationally, one in five teenagers are short-sighted – double the number affected 50 years ago. Experts have warned this figure is likely to grow significantly in […] Read more

20th September 2022

What’s the best way to clean your glasses?

Authored by TK&S Optometrists Just like pulling on a pair of new socks or sliding into some box-fresh slippers, looking through a perfectly clean pair of glasses is a great feeling for all spectacle wearers. Unhindered vision, crystal-clear lenses and the warm glow that smears, streaks and fingerprints are a thing of the past, for […] Read more

20th September 2022

How do you know if you have Dry Eye?

Authored by TK&S Optometrists While dry eye syndrome is a relatively common condition that is not usually serious and can be easy to treat, for some patients it can be extremely debilitating, with potentially life-changing consequences. Typical symptoms include sore, itchy and sometimes gritty eyes which are sensitive to light and, despite the name, produce […] Read more

20th September 2022

How often should I have my eyes tested?

Authored by TK&S Optometrists One of the most asked questions of any optometrists is ‘how often should I have my eyes tested?’. Well, the short answer is every two years, but it’s not quite as straight forward as that. Here at TK&S we don’t like the phrase ‘eye test’. That’s not what we do. What […] Read more

20th September 2022

What is an optometrist?

Authored by TK&S Optometrists We are TK&S Optometrists. It’s in our name, in our branding, on the door, on our emails, on our website but we know that – for many of you – we are just ‘the opticians’. The word ‘optometrist’ is not part and parcel of everyday life. It is not a household […] Read more

20th September 2022

Benefits of Eye Lid Cleansing

Authored by TK&S Optometrists Looking after your eyes is vital for your vision and to avoid or relieve eye health issues such as dry eyes and anterior blepharitis (inflammation of the eye lids). Eye lid cleansing is one of the easiest ways to take care of your eyes. Cleansing the eye lids will help prevent […] Read more

20th September 2022

Don’t lose sight of an eye exam in your back-to-school routine

Authored by TK&S Optometrists Jumpers? Tick. Shoes? Tick. Lunchbox? Tick Bag? Tick Pencil case? Tick. Eye exam? Sorry, what? The annual back-to-school to-do lists for parents are currently being compiled, but how many of them include arguably the most important appointment of them all? As children progress throughout their education, they face increasing demands on […] Read more

2nd September 2022

An Interview with Rebecca Donnelly

We recently caught up with industry leader and optometrist Rebecca Donnelly from Lynn Fernandes Optometrists to find out how AOS has transformed how she practices. And, as it turns out a lot has changed since they first started using it.   What are the primary benefits of using digital eyecare? Using Digital eyecare with AOS […] Read more

1st September 2022

Using Digital Tools to Assess Patients

We sat down with Nathan Little, CSO for AOS to get his take on using digital tools to see patients.   What are the options available for tele-health/hybrid care and why do feel adoption is slow in the eyecare industry? I think adoption of these digital tools is slower in eye care than other medical […] Read more

18th July 2022

AOS Most Asked Questions

AOS new software: The answers to your most-asked questions AOS’ new software will change the way patients receive eyecare. It will not only enable them to have a better understanding of their issues, but also allow them to play a more active and engaged role in their treatment. We caught up with Allison Granger, AOS’ […] Read more