22nd November 2021

Don’t miss our Black Friday offer!

For Black Friday we are offering you a free highly rated slit lamp adapter worth $299. We have 10 of them to give away to those of you who sign up with AOS for six months between Monday 22nd and Monday 29th November. Read more

10th November 2021

Watch on demand: Powered By Patients Webinar Episode 2

The second edition of our Powered by Patients series of webinars is now available to watch on-demand on YouTube. Read more

21st October 2021

AOS 3.1 has launched

Explore the latest features in AOS version 3.1 for your desktop and mobile, connecting with patients wherever they are in the world Read more

18th October 2021

Catch up on AOS Webinar: Episode 1

The inaugural episode of our Powered by Patients webinar series is now available to watch on-demand on YouTube and Facebook.  Read more

12th October 2021

AOS is nominated for Technology Supplier of the Year

We've been shortlisted for Technology Supplier of the Year in the Optician Awards 2021! Read more

12th May 2021

What can the trend toward Virtual Primary Care teach Optometry?

Last week I received a letter in the mail from my insurance provider telling me about my Teledoc benefit.  I recognized the envelope; I get the same letter every month since I signed up. Inside was a list of the conditions for which I can use telemedicine. Headaches, sore throat, flu, skin rash and more. […] Read more

10th March 2021

Photorealism and The Simulation Theory

Introduction and question The pursuit of increased efficiency has constantly been sought by humans since the dawn of man. We often see advancements in technology beget spaghettified microcosms of innovation. Before the creation and subsequent improvement on the idea of mobile app stores, the idea of an app like Uber would have never been considered. […] Read more

10th February 2021

Adapting Technology in Business and at Home!

How has the pandemic and the use of technology affected me? I am a single working mum of a four-year-old boy (a difficult challenge before COVID struck). As single working parents, during ‘normal’ times we ask ourselves many questions: Am I a good parent? Do work value me? Am I enough? Read more

27th January 2021

Another lockdown – Michelle Beach

Another lockdown… Can our eyes cope?? So here we are January 2021 and many of us back to our home offices for the third time. Or maybe you have never left your make-shift office on the corner of the dining room table? We are now on lockdown three, and we are getting pretty used to […] Read more

7th January 2021

Telemed and Telehealth – The Five W’s and How – Nathan Little

A common form of problem investigation and solving in research and journalism, as well as other fields, is the art of questioning. As professionals in the medical field, one is taught to use logic, rational and questioning to derive a conclusion on all sorts of perplexing patient presentations. However, eye care professionals (ECPs) are also […] Read more

23rd December 2020

The Future Will See You Now – Brian Tompkins

Few of us will be sorry to see the back of 2020. This was supposed to be OUR year. The year our carefully-crafted ‘2020 Vision’ became a reality, the year we finally got people talking about eye health. It’s hard not to feel somewhat robbed by the events that have unfolded. Our spell in the […] Read more

9th December 2020

Mask-Associated Dry Eye – Nathan Little

Mandated facial mask wear has been proven in reducing the spread of the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes Covid-19. However mask wear, while beneficial... Read more

20th October 2020

Evolution in medical devices – Eduardo Mangieri

The very first medical device was the human himself, observing, analysing, creating his/her conclusions in order to find the best therapy to help the diseased. How have medical devices evolved throughout history to the current day? Read more