REVOLUTIONIZE the patient experience

We believe that technology has the ability to not only transform the patient experience, but also create a transformative, patient-centric, future-proofed, eyecare business.

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REVOLUTIONIZE clinical outcomes

“The objective grading in AOS helps me follow ocular surface disease more accurately. You can plainly see in the numbers the progress of a treatment. It’s also very helpful for assessing contact lens fit and for troubleshooting problems, which ultimately leads to happier and healthier patients.”

Daddi Fadel, DOptom, FSLS, FBCLA, FAAO
Co-founder & President┃Euro & Austral-Asian Scleral Lens Academy
Private practice

Bulbar redness heat map

Objective grading and automatic punctate count

Ruler for line and area measurements

REVOLUTIONIZE patient education

“Using AOS has allowed my patients to better understand their dry eye disease. There’s a real wow factor to the images and that in turn leads to better adherence to treatments whether I’m prescribing a warm compress or IPL program. Patients can see their numbers decrease from visit to visit and can feel good about the plan they are on. We are building patient loyalty every time we use it.”

Jacob Lang, OD, FAAO
Associated Eyecare

2D and 3D representations

Enhanced images

Objective ocular grading

REVOLUTIONIZE convenient care

“The pandemic has really forced me to look at how I deliver care. Patients love the convenience of telemedicine options through AOS especially with emergency calls. I’m able to see things on a video call that I would have missed on a phone call. Patients can also send in images from home for analysis which helps me gauge progress in between visits or if a patient can’t come to the office see me. “

Laura Periman MD
Permian Eye Institute

Live and secure video calls

Easy to use imaging app

Compatible with smartphones and tablets