Image capture & seemless transfer

Capture images directly with the Anterior companion app or via a slit lamp adaptor and securely transfer to the AOS Anterior platform for analysis

Sophisticated analysis

The user interface (UI) has sophisticated features with 3 specialist modes for use on various types of anterior segment imaging


Anterior is validated to the gold standard and can be used everywhere from the practice setting to clinical research. It is also used as an educational tool both for patients and students


AOS automated intelligence enables the clinician to analyse any digital image (including smartphone) to a higher level of accuracy than today’s gold standard. Consistent, objective grading which is not affected by the clinician’s subjectivity and experience


The software is essential for any clinician working with contact lenses, dry eye, red eye, blepharitis and any condition/pathology which affects the bulbar redness, ocular surface, staining, and lid roughness (e.g. allergy)


Automated grading scale for:
• Bulbar Redness
• Lid Redness
• Fluorescein
Select an area of interest and grading automatically appears in control panel


AOS Anterior aids patient education and improves treatment compliance. The objective scoring system is easy to understand and simplifies explanation of treatment options

Ease of use

• Intuitive & adaptive UI
• Touch screen compatible
• Crop direct into software
Easily integrated in to existing workflow and requires no staff training