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Introducing AOS 3.1

Our latest product update is packed with new features to help ECPs better manage their contact lens and dry eye patients.

It’s our first major update to the award-winning AOS 3.0 software which was launched in December 2020 to bring web-based, data-compliant, objective imaging to eye care professionals around the globe.

What is AOS?

Award-winning software designed to transform time consuming and costly practice operations into state-of-the-art solutions that your patients need and expect.

  • Objective image grading and analytics
  • Patient and clinician mobile imaging apps
  • Live video calls
  • Patient reports

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Written exclusively for AOS by Hamza Mussa BSc(Hons) MCOptom Prof Cert Med Ret

Success stories

“Using AOS during the lockdown made it easy to interact with my specialty contact lens wearers. Now the lockdown is over, I will continue to use anterior to give priority to the most important cases to evaluate first.”

Universita del Salento, Italy.

Dr Giancarlo Montani

Universita del Salento, Italy.

“AOS is a must for anyone considering dry eye & objective grading management for their patients.”

Feltham Eyecare Centre, UK

Mohamed Kasmani

Feltham Eyecare Centre, UK

“Coming out of lockdown I will be continuing with the AOS imaging system. Whether in the clinic room or remotely, it has proven itself as a valuable asset in my consulting room.”

Park Vision, UK

Michelle Beach

Park Vision, UK

“Anterior provides valuable objective quantification aiding precision, accuracy, and reproducibility to management of ocular surface disease. This is especially important in our collaborative care environment, as multiple doctors may assess a patient for improvement over time.”

John D. Gelles

Cornea and Laser Eye Institute - Hersh Vision Group, USA

“The grading allows the patient to take ownership of their condition, and work towards improving the treatment pathway given by the clinician.”

The Eyecare Centre, UK

Dr Sandip Doshi

The Eyecare Centre, UK

“The images I’ve been taking for the last 30-40 years with my slit lamp are now taken to another level and it’s fantastic!”

TK&S Optometrists

Brian Tompkins

TK&S Optometrists

5th May 2022

How to build patient trust with visual reports

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13th April 2022

100% Optical: Q&A with AOS Chief Strategy Officer, Nathan Little

With AOS soon to be exhibiting at 100% Optical on the 23rd-25th April, we caught up with CSO, Nathan Little, to get his thoughts on the upcoming event. What made you choose to exhibit at 100% optical? 100% Optical is one of the largest shows in the UK. As one of the first trade shows […] Read more

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