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Live video calls / Telemed / Remote Visual Acuity ​

Securely communicate and interact with patients using live video calling via a secure link. Real-time interactive services via image sharing, image or video transfer and live video calling between the ECP and patient. (conforming to GDPR and HIPAA compliance)

Our new VA platform allows for remote testing of visual acuity with accurate and reliable results, meeting the same high standard of care for in-clinic VA testing.

Telemed call

Easily and securely request a live video session from the patient using the AOS dashboard. Patient receives direct notifications.

Live chat

Live chat is active in the video call with the patient allow ECP/patient interaction in text form for hearing challenged patients. ​

Remote Visual Acuity Test

Our synchronous test provides a seamless experience for both the patient and the eye care professional, allowing for the remote assessment of near and distance vision.

Mobile apps – Physician and Patients

Innovative smartphone applications empower eye care providers (ECP) and patients to capture images and videos of the eye enabling unprecedented access to eye care. Securely capture and transfer images and video from patients to ECPs for use with the AOS software. The ECP app enables in office/clinic use with or without the slit lamp.

Digital slit lamp

Turn your existing slit lamp into a digital version by using the ECP app in the clinic​.

Team use

Allow office/clinic staff to capture, upload and manage the image and video database for the ECP​.

High resolution

Provides high resolution images and video of the patient's eye and when used with the slit lamp leverages magnification and slit adjustments for diagnostic imaging. ​

Request remote images and video

ECPs can easily and efficiently request remote image and video uploads from the patient. ​(Patient app)

Imaging tools

Innovative imaging tools enable uniform white light images from the patient app​.


Easily and securely request an image and video upload from the patient using the AOS dashboard​.

Objective analytics

Objective ocular grading for the bulbar, lid and fluorescein staining developed to improve reproducibility and repeatability for ocular scoring. Numeric outputs help drive improved patient education and patient treatment pathway adherence.

Bulbar redness

Accurately measure and track bulbar redness with objective measurement outputs. ​

Bulbar injection

Measure the percentage of vascularity of an area of interest and how it changes over time.

Bulbar comparison

Compare bulbar injection and heat map of two areas of interest on the same patient.

Lid redness

Measure inverted upper and lower lids using the objective redness measurement tool.


Count and track SPK and punctuate counts over time using sodium fluorescein measurements.

3D fluorescein

Translate sodium fluorescein staining into 3D and 2D representations and visualizations. ​

Additional features

Additional tools and features are provided in the software to enable better image analytics and to provide the very best functionality from a non-digital slit lamp and the AOS apps.


Instantly enhance the vascular structure on both anterior and posterior images with this simple feature.

Red-free filter​

A single click feature that allows the user to remove the red colour channel within the image. This tool is a quick way to highlight certain features or areas for deeper analysis.

Wratten filter​

Instantaneously enhances the entire image by applying the green colour channel with enhancements, providing clearer images to aid diagnosis. Additionally, it can enhance images taken with a standard Wratten filter​.


Add line and area measurements to images for reproducible and repeatable measurements over time.​


Add multiple annotations to a single image for key commentary and notes. Annotations are saved on both the analyzed image and the report. ​


Use the draw function to highlight certain aspects of the image in questions for referrals or follow ups.

2022 Opticians Award Winner – Tech Category

2022 Opticians Award Winner – Tech Category

Award-winning software designed to transform time consuming and costly practice operations into state-of-the-art solutions that your patients need and expect.

  • Objective image grading and analytics
  • Patient and clinician mobile imaging apps
  • Live video calls
  • Patient reports



Success stories

“AOS is the software we use to deliver hybrid care to our customers. It has been transformational to our business; easy to use and customers love it.”

Major UK optical retailer

“As my dry eye clinic has evolved and expanded, our use of AOS software has flourished. The software has been a big part of my dry eye patient education journey.”

Wood Street Opticians

Sharon Flora, Dry Eye Practitioner of the Year

Wood Street Opticians

“We use AOS for baseline contact lens patients so we can educate the patient on how the lens fits… which helps them look after their eyes better. AOS as a telemed & remote care platform is part of our care plan and has been received really, really well.”

Richard Petrie Optometrists

Davina Dosanjh

Richard Petrie Optometrists

“The video call I had after my initial contact lens fit session was really helpful. It isn't easy putting lenses in on your own for the first time!”


“Being able to send images of my eye to my optom if I ever have a problem gives me real peace of mind.”


“AOS is a must for anyone considering dry eye & objective grading management for their patients.”

Feltham Eyecare Centre

Mohamed Kasmani

Feltham Eyecare Centre

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Written exclusively for AOS by Hamza Mussa BSc(Hons) MCOptom Prof Cert Med Ret