AOS Platform

AOS Anterior – ocular surface and image enhancement software uses AI (Automated Intelligence) to analyse any digital image from any device including a smartphone.
Able to automatically grade to gold standards, count, enhance, measure and visualise conditions either over a selected area or utilising in-built grids to give objective, repeatable and accurate results to aid the clinicians diagnosis.
Additional features include digital wratten filters, rulers, vessel enhancements and 3D enhancements.
Each feature allows clinicians to evaluate a variety of conditions very easily, and effortlessly record the results which can be used during follow-ups.
AOS Anterior has the following approvals; CE, FDA, TGA and ANVISA. It’s available through our local partners or directly from this site. Download brochure HERE

AOS Anterior Platform

AOS Anterior Platform - 14 Day Trial


Analyse ocular digital images in 3 modes; Bulbar Redness, Lid (redness and dry eye), Fluorescein. Grade 0-4 Efron & CCLRU, Dry Eye 0-4 & % loss, count punctate, redness map and fluorescein build up (2D & 3D).


Import/Export any format image from a database or use the in-built crop function allowing the direct import of any image into software. Open the image of interest > select the crop function in AOS > Crop image of interest.

In-built reporting function

Our customisable in-built pdf generator allows the user to create “new`` or ``add to existing” patient reports capturing the results from your analysis with added fields for patient details and clinical comments.


Our system has been validated against the industry gold standard achieving higher repeatability, lower variability between clinicians and a extremely high level of accuracy in comparison.


Additional enhancement features include “Vessel enhancement”, “Red free”, “Digital Wratten filter”, and our all new “Digital ruler”. Adding more powerful tools to assist in making an objective diagnosis.


Microsoft Windows 7 or above (.net 4.7 framework minimum)
Internet required for install and updates.
Minimum screen height resolution of at least 768
1yr technical support and updates included

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