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Download the AOS User Manual HERE.

Download the Quick Start guide HERE.

Download the installation guide HERE.

For USA technical support please email or call 1-800-979-2020 / 1-610-353-4350

For UK technical support please complete the form on our Contact page.

We’re always keen to get some feedback on our products. If you think we can improve on something or you just think the product’s great, please use the form. We aim to respond to all queries, questions, good or bad within 24 hours.


Which operating systems will AOS Anterior run on?

AOS Anterior will run on MS Windows 7 and 10 (.net 4.7 framework minimum). An Internet connection is required on download and for updates. The system will run offline on the full version, the demo version will require an internet connection for operation.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for AOS Anterior?

If your PC is running MS Windows 7 or 10(.net 4.7 framework minimum), AOS Anterior should run just fine.

.net 4.7.1 download HERE

What is the minimum screen resolution required?

To correctly display the application you must have a minimum screen height of 768 pixels, though 1024 or greater is recommended.

What image file types can I analyse?

AOS Anterior will load and analyse most common image types;

  • Windows bitmaps – BMP, DIB
  • Portable Network Graphics – PNG
  • Portable Image Format – PBM, PGM, PPM
  • Sun Rasters – SR, RAS
  • Open EXR HDR – EXR
  • JPEG 2000 – jp2

My computer won’t allow download of AOS Anterior?

AOS Anterior application is a “trusted source” application and will download easily onto most laptops or pc’s, however if your computer has additional security installed or you are part of a networked system then you may find that access to download the software is denied. This is normally due to the “permissions” or firewall settings on the additional security not allowing the download of external applications. This is not an issue with the software. To download, you either need to “allow permissions” or click “more details” and then click “run or install anyway”. For networked systems you will need to get IT to remove the restriction for the application to download. If you continue to have issues please contact us for additional support via the form above.

What is the recommended image quality required?

AOS Anterior has in-built tolerances and will alert you if the loaded image is of insufficient quality. You will also be alerted if the image is either under or over exposed.

Software updates

The application automatically checks for any available updates every few days or when it is next opened.

What is a perpetual license?

A perpetual license means once installed the software will continue to work for as long as your computers operating system is up to date. We will continue to develop the software and update inline with software updates to microsoft.

How do i print my patient report files?

The report files are saved in PDF format and therefore viewable with a viewer such as Adobe Reader. There is no print facility in AOS Anterior but reports can be easily printed from any suitable reader. If you can’t open the results file you may need to download a reader application. They are available from

Importing / exporting from an Image database

Images can easily be imported into AOS Anterior for analysis by using the AOS crop feature.

Example: open image to analyse > select Crop function on AOS UI > open image will appear covered by a grey filter > crop area of interest > image opens in AOS Anterior

If you use a PMS or image database from your hardware supplier, the AOS Anterior results files can be saved anywhere you have access to.