The New Contact Lens Journey with Rebecca Donnelly and Dr. Mike Rothschild

9th December 2021

The third instalment of our Powered by Patients webinar series, and our final webinar of 2021, can now be watched on-demand on YouTube. 

Telehealth and eye care expert Dr. Mike Rothschild returns to host ‘The New Contact Lens Journey’, joined by this month’s exclusive guest Rebecca Donnelly, Clinical Lead Optometrist at Lynne Fernandes optometrists. 

Rebecca discusses how she uses AOS technology to connect with her patients, reducing chair time and improving their eye care journey – all while unlocking new opportunities for her clinic. At Lynne Fernandes Optometrists, they offer remote care for contact lenses and dry eye patients who are signed up to their monthly eye care plan. 

‘During the lockdown, remote care was the only service we could provide. When we were allowed to see routine patients again and when we could resume with non-medical contact lenses again, remote care had become and expectation and we had a capacity issue,’ Rebecca said. ‘There was temporary guidance to allow for remote contact lens care, which lead me to start a soft contact lens remote aftercare clinic. 

‘We don’t just do trial follow-ups, but annual soft contact lens aftercare follow-ups remotely, too. We have strict protocol for booking these appointments – they need to be a soft contact lens wearer, they need to be aged 18 or over, a known patient to us, as well as being a daily wearer rather than an extended wearer. This means we can eliminate risky patients from this remote aftercare group.’ 

Our next webinar

Join us in 2022 for our next Powered by Patients webinar when Dr. Mike Rothschild will be joined by Dr. Andrew Pucker, Assistant Professor and Chief of the Myopia Control Clinic at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Pucker will discuss how he uses telemedicine with his patients, as well as sharing how telehealth fits into the curriculum and what the future holds for it at UAB. 

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