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  • Patient information security

    We recommend that you capture and transfer one patient at a time. When you capture images using the mobile app, they are deleted immediately after transferring to Anterior and are not available via the device gallery. Once you have downloaded them from the cloud and saved to your local PC or network, again, they are deleted. If you log out of the app with unsent images, they will be deleted.

  • How do I create a patient report?

    You can manually create a pdf report containing the images and scores from each image you analyse. These reports can then be saved to your local PC or network, where you can import them into to your patient management system. First, you must create the report by clicking the Save Results menu item. Complete the patient information form and save to your chosen location. Once it is created, the report is automatically opened in your native pdf reader, or browser window. To attach further images and analyses to the report it first must be closed. It will open each time it is appended to, so you can confirm the information. Remember to close it before adding further data!

  • How do I download and save my images?

    You can download images individually or the entire folder as a zip file. If you choose to download the folder as a zip file, you will have to extract the files before being able to upload them back into Anterior desktop for analysis. Unzip using the standard Windows method of right click and unzip.

  • How do I reset or change my password?

    If you’ve forgotten your password to access your app and image gallery, use the ‘Forgotten password’ process from the mobile app. You will be taken through a two-step process to verify your email address, and receive new details from AOS Team. You cannot reset your password from Anterior desktop. If you want to change your password to something more memorable; log in to Anterior desktop by clicking the Transfer button and access Password Mgmt via the Account menu. Click the Authenticate button after entering and confirming your new password. Remember this password is for your mobile and desktop account, they are one and the same

  • How do I add other mobile app users?

    The email address used during the purchase process is tied to the licences you receive and also becomes the Admin account for the Anterior desktop software. This address will receive two emails after purchasing the Anterior software; the order confirmation (containing licence and download link for Anterior desktop) and an email from AOS Team with store links for the AOS Companion app, plus your login and password to the app. This login and password will allow you to login to the app to capture images, that can then be securely transferred to Anterior desktop. This Admin account allows you to add other users access to the mobile app and their own account on Anterior desktop. To add a user, follow these steps; log in to the Anterior desktop account by clicking Transfer / enter your email and password (AOS Team email) / select Account menu / select Add New User / enter the user name and email to receive the app. Once authenticated they will receive their own login and password details from AOS Team. They can now login to the app to capture images, and login to Anterior desktop (via the Transfer button) to access their own images

  • Can I import images from an existing image database?

    Images can easily be imported into AOS Anterior for analysis using the AOS crop feature, which operates just like the Windows Snipping tool. Example: open image you want to analyse, using your existing image capture software > select Crop function on the AOS interface > drag the cursor over your chosen image or area of interest > hey presto your image is now imported. Of course, you can also browse for your images using the File menu

  • How often is the system updated?

    The system automatically checks for any available updates every few days or when it is next opened. You will receive notification of any major new releases or features

  • Can I export analysed images or my patient reports to my EHR or PMS?

    Analysed images can be saved independently or as part of a patient report (pdf) either on your local PC or network. You can then import them into your Patient Management System. We are currently working with PMS providers to automate this process

  • What image file types can I analyse?

    AOS Anterior will load and analyse most common image types including: BMP, DIB, JPG, JPE, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, SR, RAS, TIFF, TIF, EXR, jp2

  • My computer is asking for permission to install Anterior, what should I do?

    You may need to contact your system administrator to allow the installation as your computer may be sitting behind a firewall, or you may not have the correct user permissions to install applications. This is not a problem with the software, it simply means your computer has some safeguarding in place and your IT team has done their job correctly!

  • Is there a minimum hardware requirement for AOS Anterior?

    If your PC is running MS Windows 7 or 10 (.net 4.7 framework minimum), AOS Anterior should run just fine  


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