Catch up on AOS Webinar: Episode 1

18th October 2021

Missed the first in our latest series of webinars? 

The inaugural episode of our Powered by Patients webinar series is now available to watch on-demand on YouTube and Facebook. 

The webinar is hosted by Dr Mike Rothschild, an optometrist from Georgia who is an expert in all things telehealth and eye care, and features Dr Pam Theriot, an eye care professional from Louisiana who has a passion for treating dry eye disease. In an effort to help more patients with this condition, she developed a program to reach patients wherever they are.   

In this episode, Dr Theriot gives an insight into her practice and some of the key things she has learned over the years, as well as her plans for the future.  

“I went all around the country, talking to practitioners who were experts in the field, and tried to learn everything I could about dry eye.  

“I also started reaching out to patients and I found that they were overwhelmed by dry eye. They would come to me, in my clinic, and would have already seen five or six practitioners in the community, but felt like they weren’t getting anywhere with their symptoms. So then they go to Dr Google.  

“To combat this, I aim to distil the information down and make it digestible for patients.”  

Dr. Theriot took that a step further and developed educational tools and an online program to help patients. In doing so, she’s helped patients around the globe. She also shares what she does differently in the clinic to help her patients feel connected and informed.   

More than 20 million people in the United States have dry eye disease, making this webinar a particularly poignant topic. As you’ll learn from Dr. Theriot in the webinar, many dry eye sufferers are looking for answers in the wrong places and she’s on a mission to fix this problem.  

AOS software has been designed to allow EPCs to create more impactful dry eye conversations, while improving compliance and transforming the patients’ dry eye care experience.  

Find out more about AOS for dry eye here. 

Watch the webinar 

Don’t miss the next episode 

Dr. Laura Periman will be the guest for Episode 2 on Nov 9 at 8:00pm EST (patient centricity and telemedicine). 

Dr. Periman is the founder of the Periman Eye Institute in Seattle, WA. She is well known as being the Dry Eye Master but in this webinar, we will learn how she uses telemedicine to build a patient centric practice. She’ll share her process for creating office efficiency as well as some interesting stories. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!  

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