AOS 3.1 has launched

21st October 2021

As part of contact lens safety month, we are delighted to roll out AOS 3.1 – our latest product update, packed with new features that will help ECPs better manage their contact lens and dry eye patients.


NEW – Contact lens management function

ECPs now have access to tools for measuring the perimeter of contact lenses, rotation angle and position of toric lenses using the LARS principle.

The new video capture and analysis mode allows ECPs to monitor the movement and centralization of the lens on the patient’s eye. And in-keeping with AOS’s patient centric approach, it can all be done in the clinic or remote.

We’ve also improved the PDF reporting capability, allowing patients to better visualize their marked-up results and gain a more in-depth understanding of the care pathway required.

AOS v3.1 helps ECPs to deliver superior eye healthcare and exceptional patient experiences.


What does AOS 3.1 mean for you, the ECP?

  • Better contact lens management (reduced dropout / improved retention rates of your contact lens patients)
  • Improved patient engagement/communication
  • Optimization of chair time
  • More efficient and accurate specialty lens fitting and follow ups


Our first feature update since V3.0

Our award-nominated AOS 3.0 software launched in December 2020, bringing web-based, data-compliant, objective imaging to ECPS around the globe. Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback and planning our roadmap for the future.

Patients have been demanding better and more flexible care options and ECPs need the tools to be able to deliver that. AOS 3.1 is the next iteration of our suite of products aiming to address this.

If you’re an existing user the latest update has been automatically applied to your software, so you’ll be able to access all the new features as soon as you login next.

We know that technology can deliver better patient experiences and we’re really excited for the future.


See the new AOS 3.1 features in action:

Key functionality changes/additions:


Image Capture

  • ECPs can now view 10 second videos captured via the AOS Vision app
  • Users can control the video playback by slowing the speed down and capturing stills for use in the eye examination process


  • Users can measure the centralization fit and feel of contact lenses
  • New toric lens marker tool which enables exact measurement of scribe placement
  • Users can now select which analyzed image files are to be included on the PDF reports

Mobile app

Image Capture

  • Patients and ECPs can now capture and transfer 10 second videos via by AOS Vision app
  • Users have full access to native camera controls (zoom, contrast, exposure etc) which enables easier and better image capture


  • A contact lens lifestyle questionnaire has been added to the AOS Vision app
  • The information of the completed questionnaire is saved within the patient’s record and answers are converted to a PDF report document