Watch on demand: Powered By Patients Webinar Episode 2

10th November 2021

The second edition of our Powered by Patients series of webinars is now available to watch on-demand on YouTube.

Again hosted by Georgia-based optometrist and expert in all things telehealth and eye care, Dr. Mike Rothschild, this episode focuses on patient centricity and telemedicine. Dr. Rothschild is joined by another eye care industry leader in Dr. Laura Periman, founder of the Periman Eye Institute in Seattle, as she discusses how she successfully uses telemedicine with her patients to improve clinical outcomes and create office efficiencies.

Dr. Periman has become known for her ‘heart-centred approach’ to patient care, taking the time to hear people’s stories and dive into what they’re struggling with. Despite prior concerns, she has been able to effectively continue to build these relationships with telemedicine.

From her days of conducting molecular immunobiology research prior to medical school, Dr. Periman’s had a strong interest in inflammation and with dry eye ocular surface disease being all about inflammation, she’s taken those decades of study and leveraged it for each patient.

‘My overall mindset is to help a person to live their best life, get them as well as possible to restore the ocular surface so they can reach a place of homeostasis, so the system runs the way it’s supposed to,’ Dr. Periman said. ‘Eventually we get to a point where there’s minimal interventions to keep the patient there.

‘Dry eye is just a big tent diagnosis, there’s about 40 different crazy circus animals running around under the tent and my job is to identify each and every one of the contributors and address them specifically, mindfully, and in a customised way.

‘Each patient represents a unique situation and therefore a unique set of customised solutions and that’s where the fun is – each patient is like a Rubik’s cube that has their own solution.’

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Rebecca Donnelly is the guest for our next webinar. She is a therapeutic optometrist and currently works as the clinical lead for a group of independents in the Bristol area, UK. Passionate about innovative eye care and the power it brings to ECPs, Rebecca has a special interest in contact lenses, dry eye management and glaucoma.

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