100% Optical: Q&A with AOS Chief Strategy Officer, Nathan Little

13th April 2022

With AOS soon to be exhibiting at 100% Optical on the 23rd-25th April, we caught up with CSO, Nathan Little, to get his thoughts on the upcoming event.

What made you choose to exhibit at 100% optical?

100% Optical is one of the largest shows in the UK. As one of the first trade shows post-pandemic, there’s going to be a lot of eye care professionals there, and it will be great to discover how everyone’s approach to patient care has evolved in that time, particularly in terms of how they’ve used tools for remote care. We want to share how incorporating this remote care into a hybrid care model presents a great opportunity for them.

Where did the design concept come from?

The model is one that includes remote care in addition to standard in-clinic care. It can be difficult for industry clinicians to understand what it may look like to adopt this, despite being aware of how it will benefit them.

We have designed a stand for 100% Optical where we can easily portray and advocate for the different tools that work in-clinic and remotely. We will have clinic on one side, lounge on the other, as well as demonstrating what it would look like for both, showcasing how both the patient and then practice can benefit.

How do you think AOS will stand out from other stands?

Trade shows have been known to be a bit boring, but we’ll be trying to do the opposite. AOS is a truly unique solution in the eye care space, so in that respect we’ll definitely stand out.

What is the delegate learning objective you hope they will achieve by visiting the AOS stand?

One thing visitors will walk away with is an understanding that a hybrid model is simple and easy, and is effective for both clinic and patient, providing eye care professionals a level of service and follow-up that they may not be currently doing. We want to change the mindset that remote care is subpar here, as this doesn’t have to be the case! In-clinic care and remote care combined offers a more rounded solution for patient care. Incorporating the remote care element gives ECPs a good understanding of patients’ everyday lifestyle. Patients should be able to be seen when and where they want to be seen. People can do so much more now from the comfort of their home, whether that be working or having their clothes delivered, so why not give better access to eye care when the opportunity is there?

What do I get if I sign up to AOS?

Return-on-investment is an interesting point of view, and there are two ways to think about this. Firstly, the value provided to patients in the form of greater access and better care, which equates to a better net promoter score. People will be talking about the clinic in a positive light, telling their family and friends and leading to more referrals.

Secondly, there is direct return when it comes to chair time. AOS has demonstrably shown the release of hundreds of hours of chair time per year for new patients coming in. The hybrid care model delivers better practice efficiency, and the improved patient experience better enables you to build a rapport with patients, and as a result they are more likely to remain in your clinic and stay on subscription models.

As Chief Strategy Officer, what is your overall objective at 100% Optical?

As a business, we want to get the brand out there and get new customers. We want to provide technology to new partners in the space and show that the model can be effective for them.

As a strategy officer, my goal is to understand the branding, tone of voice, marketing, product strategy – are we speaking the language that resonates with our customers? Is it reflective of how they are looking to change their business, and empower them? Is it relating to them?

What else are AOS doing on or around the event?

Two respected industry names, Keyur Patel and Rebecca Donnelly, will be giving a presentation at 10.45am on Monday 25 April titled ‘It’s a digital world – contact lens management in the 21st century’ at the Optical Academy Hub.

They will reveal how they are leading the charge in offering a convenient and effective way to see patients. They’ll be talking about the remote care piece and give real-life examples of how they’ve been able to utilise it to their practices’ and their patients’ benefit.